CINE/’CINEMA/ n. 1.a theatre where films are shown for public entertainment.

CHILL/’ pass time idly with other people.

It all started when…

Each show features artists at different stages of their career, bursting with passion and great information.  The aim is to have conversations with writers, directors, sound designers, composers, cinematographers, actors, visual effect artists, to name a few.  All at different levels, from entry level newcomers to seasoned pros at the top of their game. We will talk about lots of subjects, everything from influences, how they got started, creative processes and tips for you to learn from.  CINECHILL is for people who are passionate about film.

Your Host Simon Conroy
CINECHILL is hosted by director and storyteller, Simon Conroy, currently running his own video production house Amberfilm. Simon is a creative force, and is passionate about the connections and collaborations he makes. Over the years he has worked with some amazing people who he hopes you will get to hear on the show.  Currently working on multiple projects and still at the early part of his film making journey, he has lent a hand at being an AD, director of Photography, editor and a producer.  His passion for film is infectious and is consistently networking with other filmmakers

Simon Conroy’s Twitter : @thesimondo