Mae Manning

Mae Manning is a video/film editor based in Atlanta, GA. She is creative, resourceful, dynamic and independent, with a strong sense of timing, storytelling and has very personal style.


In 2015, she started her career working full-time as an in-house editor for a local production company. She hit the ground running as she took on any project she could find, and submerged herself into the local and online post-production community. 


Since becoming freelance in 2017, she has worked for a diverse group of companies such as Angle 3 Films, Time Inc., Monolopolus Productions, Boris FX, Better Home & Gardens and much more. Having worked within both an in-house and freelance setting, as well as directly with clients, her skills and experience are incredibly varied and adaptable. 

Among a few nominations and awards, Mae has also been featured in various articles for CinéWomen, Creative Cow, and GalsNGear. As a keen film lover, gamer and comic book enthusiast – her professional attitude comes with a great sense of humor, passion, and excitement for every project she is a part of.