Chris Hunter

Chris is an accomplished visual artist living in Middletown, Rhode Island.

Chris hunter head shot.png

He’s had a 17 year career working with a variety of media, and began self-producing short length video content in 2013, shooting a mix of music videos and short films. Shortly thereafter Chris began pursuing commercial video projects, and has completed 70 plus commercial videos over the last four years. He’s worked with such companies as Moet & Chandon, Audrain Automobile Museum, New York City’s SkyLine Sightseeing Tours, Restivo Monacelli, Home Point Financial and dozens of small business in southern New England.


Chris believes that upcoming video content producers can deliver high-quality results without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars. “If you really focus on learning a couple of key tools, you can get results that are consistent from project to project and keep your clients happy,” Chris said. “By focusing on the client’s story, along with excellent lighting and camera movement, you can achieve great results for most businesses.”


Along with a strong background in camera operation and directing sets, Chris has also become adept at cutting and post-production, honing his skills in color correction, audio design and simple AfterEffects work, such as motion tracking and compositing. “Being able to understand how footage will be cut and handled in post can only help you on set,” Chris says. “Things like shooting static plates for backgrounds, adding motion to the beginning and end of shots that will sync up, and incorporating high-frame rate and timelapse shots really opens up the possibilities in the edit for any project. In order to excel in this multi-discipline world of video production, you really need to be able to understand the dynamic between pre-production planning, the shooting dates, and then especially how it all comes together in post to really finish off a project.”